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Terms Of Service

These are the terms of service which you must agree and aknowledge as a visitor

  1. You must not steal / copy some or all of the articles written on this website for any kind of purpose
  2. You will not spam either randomly or deliberately in various forms such as the comment field.
  3. You will not provide any links that aim to increase or divert traffic to some particular website or intentionally commit fraud on covertly linked links (phising, proofing, etc)
  4. You will not penetrate / hack into the database system, including embedding malicious software such as worms, viruses, trojans that may damage the content and / or harm other users
  5. You will not publish or provide links that are pornographic, obscene, indecent, in the form of text, images or video
  6. You will use the system of discussion or comments in a polite and ethical manner, and not engage in attacks, humiliations and other unlawfulness against other users
  7. You will not include links or URLs of blogs or other sites that provide unwanted electronic messages, or similar unhealthy promotional methods
  8. You will not use names that are of any kind or lexicality can be confusing or provide interpretations that refer to other parties that are not you basically.


In the event of any breach of the terms and conditions mentioned above, we reserve the right to take necessary actions such as deletion of inappropriate content / contributions / discussions / comments, until deletion of registered accounts on this website without prior notice and refusal to participate again


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