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Saturday, 22 July 2017 14:19

How to run Retrix and PPSSPP on Xbox One

Retrix is a RetroArch or Libretro port on Xbox One which is capable of running several retro games such as NES, GBA, PSX and much more.Retrix is a RetroArch or Libretro port on Xbox One which is capable of running several retro games such as NES, GBA, PSX and much more.

And PPSSPP is a popular application to run PSP games. PPSSPP is ported to Xbox One too.

To run those apps, you should enable developer mode on Xbox One, and unfortunately, you have to buy the license from Microsoft.

Enjoy the video.


ALL IN ONE PACKAGE :  http://casualient.com/xKy
ROMS : www.Emuparadise.me
USE XBOX ONE CONTROLLER ON 3DShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sq51MqBPESk
XBOX ONE S CONTROLLER DISASSEMBLYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tGsHOv4wRtc
XBOX ONE RB LB REPAIRhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r79SQfJ8znI
XBOX ONE CONTROLLER ANALOG REPLACEMENThttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-7HUWaDGw4
XBOX ONE ELITE COMPONENTShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJz73tt2ZQs
XBOX ONE ELITE LB RB REPAIRhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSf_8lOtOE4
Title: Get Up!Artist: Nicolai Heidlas
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Thursday, 16 February 2017 08:24

Cara Memainkan Game Wii U di PC Menggunakan Cemu

Game Wii U sudah dapat dimainkan di PC menggunakan aplikasi bernama Cemu. Cemu adalah sebuah aplikasi emulator yang khusus menjalankan game-game Wii U. Beberapa syarat mutlak yang wajib dimiliki gamer adalah Windows x64, dan wajib memiliki graphics card Nvidia ataupun AMD. Cemu dapat menjalankan game berformat .wud maupun .rpx atau game yang biasa digunakan untuk aplikasi Loadiine. Ikuti tutorialnya di bawah ini.

cemuExtract aplikasi Cemu ke PC dan pindahkan file keys.txt ke dalam folder Cemu

cemuJalankan Cemu sebagai administrator (klik kanan pada aplikasi .exe nya lalu pilih run as administrator)

cemuSiapkan gamepad (stik yang compatible dengan Windows) lalu klik Option dan pilih Input settings

cemuDisini ada tiga pilihan, Wii U gamepad, Pro Controller maupun Classic Controller. Pilih salah satu. Pilihan itu menentukan tipe controller apa yang ingin diemulasikan oleh Cemu pada game yang akan dijalankan. 

 cemuSetelah memilih jenis controller, maka selanjutnya ada pilihan bagaimana tipe controller yang dipilih tersebut dikendalikan. Pada layar terlihat ada dua pilihan yaitu Keyboard dan Xbox 360 controller. Pilih salah satu.

cemuIni adalah contoh mapping Wii U Pro Controller yang akan dikendalikan menggunakan Xbox 360 controller.

cemuLoad game Wii U

cemuCemu dapat menjalankan format .wud. Contoh di gambar menuntukkan game Mario Kart 8 dengan format .wud

cemuGame Mario Kart 8 dapat dijalankan dengan baik.

cemuUntuk mencoba game lain, Cemu harus di restart (dimatikan lalu dijalankan lagi). Cemu juga dapat menjalankan game dengan format .rpx atau format game Loadiine. File tersebut ada di dalam folder code.

cemuKarena tidak semua game dapat dijalankan lewat Cemu, maka kadang-kadang terjadi error. Solusinya adalah me-restart Cemu dan coba mainkan game lain.

cemuIni adalah contoh game Super Mario 3D Land yang berjalan sempurna

Untuk video tutorialnya, bisa dilihat di bawah ini :

Selamat mencoba.




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Thursday, 03 January 2013 00:12

3dox : Emulator 3DO untuk Xbox 360

Lantus merilis emulator 3DO untuk Xbox 360 pada tahun baru 2013 ini. Karena versinya masih pre-release maka mungkin masih terdapat bugs. Untuk menjalankan emulator ini, panggil file .xex bernama 3dolauncher.xex lewat Freestyle atau Xexmenu. BIOS ROM 3DO harus diletakkan di folder bios dan harus bernama bios.rom. Sedangkan ROM 3DO harus diletakkan di folder Roms. ROM 3DO harus bereksensi ISO atau BIN.


3dox – Xbox 360 New Years Day Pre-Release – V0.03

3dox – A 3DO emulator for your Xbox 360. Based on FreeDO/FourDO/3dox Xbox

About a year ago i became interested in porting FreeDO (the 3DO emulator) to the Xbox 360. It turns out that incrediclint had an Xbox 1 port of FreeDO/FourDO port up and running called 3dox. His source code in turn became the core code that I then used for the majority of my work.

incrediclint stopped working on his Xbox 1 port due to the fact that it would not run at a good framerate due to the limitations of Xbox 1 hardware.

The Xbox 360 port initally did not fare much better. Initially it would not run. The FreeDO codebase is not Big Endian friendly. I quickly got it working on big endian and found out that emulation performance was terrible. Averaging 20-25fps.

Generally speaking, the CEL engine code is the main cause for performance issues. I spent quite some time optimizing functions to be more PPC friendly it helped gain 10-15fps or so.

At that point i tried some multi-threading but nothing seemed to help. So i abandoned the project and tossed it in the « not to release pile » due to the fact that the performance was still not great (35-40ps on average)

Fast forward to December 2012 – I decided to take another look at the sourcecode and see if i can speed it up. Long story short, with a clear head and a fresh look at the code. The idea was to thread the DSP and CEL emulation. Some pain along the way but threading was implemented and working nicely- Now emulation is (generally) at 60fps.
So welcome the new year with a new emulator for the Xbox 360. Remember this is a pre-release

- Fast 3DO emulation.
- Full graphics/sound support
- NVRam saving.
- Pixel Shader support.
- Big Endian friendly (PS3/Wii/Wii(U) port anyone?)
- Source code released.

Pre-Release Info/Issues
- 1p controller support only at this time.
- Sound has issues (scratchy/off pitch/generally pretty bad).
- Random pauses and stutters occur.
- Performance issues with some games.
- Savestates are not implemented.
- .ISO extension and .BIN extension are supported only
- The launcher will load games only. There are currently no other options.
- There are graphics issues. Wrong color palette at times. Theres still endian issues to address.
- Game specific timing fixes are not implemented.
- Pixel shaders are working but you cant select one. For now you need go into the shaders folder and rename/copy the shader you want to use and called it ‘default.fx’. I’ve included CRT, HQ4x shaders to use.

Installation Notes
- Place 3DO bios file inside bios folder. File MUST be called bios.rom
- Roms go in the Roms folder. Files must be .ISO or .BIN otherwise they wont work.
- Run 3doLauncher to start.
- Press ‘A’ to launch the rom. While in game – right thumbstick to quit back to launcher.

Controller Mapping
Game Select Screen:
A: Launches the game.

B = A
A = B
B = C
Start = P
Back = X
Left Trigger = Left Button
Right Trigger = Right Button
DPad = DPad
Right Thumb Stick Click = Exit to launcher

Credits and Thanks
Freedo Team: Alexander Troosh, Maxim Grishin, Allen Wright, John Sammons, and Felix Lazarev @ www.freedo.org
FourDO Team : JohnnyDude – quite alot of 3dox is based off his code.
incrediclint for his Xbox 1 3dox sourcecode.
Artik @ Logic-Sunrise for supporting the 360 homebrew scene
Razkar @ homebrew-connection.org for supporting the 360 homebrew scene!



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