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This video will show you how to set up SD2VITA easily using Autoplugin. This video will show you how to set up SD2VITA easily using Autoplugin. 

Indonesian Version


0:37 Intro

1:16 Download Autoplugin

1:31 Enable Wi-fi

1:41 Open VitaShell

1:54 Activate FTP connection

2:01 Open FTP client

2:11 Backup the ux0: partition

2:26 Transfer Autoplugin.vpk

2:35 Download blank image & win32diskimager

2:46 Install and run win32diskimager

3:02 Flash the blank image

3:14 Open the micro sd card and format it as exFAT

3:33 Transfer the ux0: content to the micro sd card

3:49 Disconnect the FTP connection

3:59 Install Autoplugin and delete the installer file

4:17 Insert the micro sd card into the SD2VITA adapter

4:28 Insert the SD2VITA into the console

4:37 Run Autoplugin follow the instruction

5:17 Check the LED on the cartridge slot, it should blinks

5:24 Check the storage capacity using the VitaShell

5:38 End


zzBlank.img : https://vita.hacks.guide/assets/files/zzBlank.img
win32diskimager : https://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager/
Autoplugin : https://github.com/theheroGAC/Autoplugin/releases


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