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How to update PS4 to 4.05 - load the exploit and run the payloads


This video will show you how to run PlayStation 4 exploit on firmware 4.05. As I made this video, there are only a small number of payloads available for the PS4. They are payloads for enabling debug mode, FTP service and web browsing on an unactivated console.
Remember, you still cannot install PKG games using these payloads. But hopefully, we can experience it sooner or later
This guide applies to all PS4 consoles running firmware 4.05 only. Download the recommended files from the link in the description.
Goodluck and enjoy the video



0:28 Intro

1:16 Check current firmware settings

1:25 Disable automatic download and updates

1:57 Download 4.05 firmware manually

2:05 Copy the downloaded files to the USB flash drive

2:40 Update PS4 to 4.05 using USB flash drive

3:30 Download the exploit host package and payloads

4:20 Run the exploit host package and read the DNS address

4:35 Setup PS4 Network settings

5:11 Try the exploit

5:22 Try injecting the payloads one by one

8:35 Restart to see if the payloads still running

PS4 Exploit host  :
PS4 Payloads :
PS4 Firmware :

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