Monday, 26 June 2017 14:52

How to Create Xbox 360 Utility USB Drive

Do you ever need to access or install Aurora and Freestyle instantly? This video might be the solution for you. This is actually an old new tutorial for Xbox 360 users. It will show you how to make a utility USB drive which contains Aurora and Freestyle which can readily available from the Xbox 360 dashboard. This method accomplished by creating a customized shortcut for both of them.

This utility USB drive can be handy for this situation:

- Checking if you have a modded console or stock console. The stock console won't ever detect any customized shortcut.
- Gain access to Aurora or Freestyle without the need to install it first, so you will be enabled to install any files to any storage quickly.

This method only runs on JTAG or RGH console only. And it will run on any dashboard version. Just download the necessary file and follow this guide correctly.

Enjoy the video below.

Required file